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Volume 4 Issue 3 (2021)

Educational Significance and Enlightenment of In-depth Reading Activities in University Library Under New Media Environment

Authors : Qiong-Zhu Zhang
We introduce specifically various forms of reading activities carried out by university libraries using many characteristics of new media, and discuss the promotion effect of new media on deep reading through two feasibility cases of reading activities. We expound the educational significance of promoting deep reading in university library under the new media environment. At the same time, it puts forward the urgent problems and methods to make full use of new media in the deep reading activities of university libraries. It is pointed out that only by improving college students’ information literacy, innovating ideas and realizing the close combination of new media and reading promotion can university libraries advance with The Times and lead readers to realize in-depth reading. The application and promotion of this method have educational significance, and can promote the social progress.

Pages: 100-105

Future Society: Science, Religion and Parapsychology

Authors : Yi-Fang Chang
Face the COVID-19 and various disasters, we consider future. First, we discuss scientific future and future society, and should take responsibility for pursuing truth, goodness and beauty. Next, based on the modern sciences, we research the seven possible mathematical and physical models on “soul”, which is future after death. Third, the main religions believe in the afterlife, so we discuss the Buddhist outlook on life, especially, we research epistemology, methodology and other philosophical thought in The Sutra of Hui Neng  . These will help to overcome world crises. We may welcome a bright future.

Pages: 93-99

The Origin of Eight Trigrams: Explaining the Mechanism of Soil Response to Temperature Change

Authors : Hongshou Li
The Eight Trigrams has held a high position in the Eastern culture, but its origin of has been a mystery for thousands of years, thus it has not yet entered the scientific system. This research reveals the possible origin of the Eight Trigrams and the purpose of drawing the hexagrams. Research has shown that due to changes in the solar radiation there exist annual and diurnal soil temperature variable zones (STVZs). The heat conducts and interactions between the double-layer also form two different statuses of warming and cooling. In this paper the hydrometeorological factors such as temperature, relative humidity, absolute humidity and earth-air pressure were monitored or calculated in the STVZs. If the anural/diurnal STVZ is divided into three levels, and we associate soil cooling processes (Yin) with “--” and warming processes (Yang) with “—”. It is not hard to find that the distribution of soil status in soil profile at different times and locations clearly reflects the soil response to temperature change and reveals movement mechanism of earth-air and water. Furthermore, this model can be seen to be the source of the Eight Trigrams in the Yi-jing. The double-layer structure of the soil constitutes the foundation of the double trigrams. The Yin and Yang processes both form the primary driving force for phreatic water moves upward. Fu Xi invented the method of hou-qi, in which the monitoring of earth-air pressure in the closed system and applying Yin-Yang to draw Eight Trigrams and analysis of spatiotemporal status changes in the soil, which was then used to enact a calendar used as a guide to time for farming usage. The Yin-Yang and Eight Trigrams perfectly explain the response of earth-air to solar terms and mechanisms of water vertical cycle on daily/yearly timescales.

Pages: 84-92

Treating Depression Using Ketamine

Authors : Clairmont Griffith ; Ms. Bernice La France
Unipolar major depressive disorder affects a significant number of individuals across the globe placing at the top of the list as the leading cause of disability, related to damaging ramifications on the well-being affected persons and the societies. The current standard antidepressants targeting monoamine systems take long in starting a response. Therefore, there is a need in depression patients that is yet to be satisfied efficacious and swiftly acting antidepressant like those containing ketamine agent. This paper attempts to proof why ketamine should be used to treat depression. It compares it with other agents like nitrous oxide and it evident that ketamine is much faster and more effective than current antidepressants.

Pages: 81-83