Sumerianz Journal of Social Science

Online ISSN: 2616-8693
Print ISSN: 2617-1716


Volume 3 Issue 8 (2020)

The Challenge of Teachers Motivation and Way Forward in Nigeria

Authors : Ige |Akindele Matthew
The motivation of teachers has great significance in the educational system. When a teacher is motivated, it adds value and quality to the educational system, in particular, the teaching-learning outcomes and outputs. In this paper, the challenge of teachers’ motivation in Nigeria is examined. While trying to achieve this, the meaning and importance of the motivation concept were stated. Also, the literature on factors influencing the motivation of employees was reviewed to serve as a thrust for the paper. The status of teachers motivation in Nigeria presently and strategies, such as the enforcement of the payment of Enhanced Teachers Salaries across the states of the federation, as well as allowances for those who work in difficult terrains, regular promotion of teachers, and full professionalization of teaching, among others, are further stated.

Pages: 107-114

Teachers as the Political Torchbearers of the British Southern Cameroons

Authors : Christian Pagbe Musah
This paper is a means through which to understand the pivotal role which teachers as a professional group, played in shaping the political evolution of the British Southern Cameroons. The paper unveils the several ways by which teachers were able to exploit and digress from their functions and responsibilities as pedagogues to become role models, decision makers and political beacon bearers as the territory evolved politically. From the avalanche of primary and secondary sources consulted, the findings reveal that teachers championed the formation of associations, political pressure groups and political parties, participated in elections and were actively involved in parliamentary debates. In fact, teachers were at the firing line of political activism.  From the findings, it is therefore, unconceivable to refute the fact that despite serving under colonial rule and thanks to their attachment and love for motherland especially against Nigerian domination, teachers were very courageous, polyvalent and instrumental as the political vanguards of the British Southern Cameroons. In fact, they constituted the most politically enlightened corp.  This was not the case with the practitioners of other professions or colonial servants.

Pages: 99-106