Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics 
Sumerianz follows high standard of publication ethics to ensure the quality of publications. The editors, peer reviewers and authors of Sumerianz are responsible to make sure the high standard of publication. It is, therefore, essential that all publishers, editors, authors, and reviewers, in the process of publishing the journals, should comply with the highest level of professional ethics and standards.

Editors’ Responsibilities
 To ensure an efficient, fair, and timely review process the editor should acknowledge receipt of submitted manuscripts within two working days.
1. The editor should ensure the confidentiality. No content of the manuscripts must be disclosed to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, and the publisher.
2. Without prior permission of the reviewers, the editor should not disclose the names or other details to the third party.
3. In accordance with the relevance to the journal, and the significance, originality, and clarity of the manuscript, the editor has the final authority to accept or reject the manuscript.
4. The editor has no right to use the submitted manuscript for his or her own research or any part of any data or work reported in submitted and as yet unpublished articles.

Authors’ Responsibilities
Being authors you are invited to submit your original research work which has not already been published elsewhere. Plagiarized and fake research will not be published. Any unethical step will not be tolerated in this context. Once your research paper is accepted, it will be published approximately after 15 days of its acceptance. You may also be asked to provide raw material of your manuscript on demand by editors for the purpose of review. Therefore you are advised to keep your data safe for five years after the date of the publication. The contents and material of the submitted manuscripts should not be taken from copyrighted work by other person.
As authors you must cite all publications used to determine the nature of their submitted manuscript.
As co-authors you must have significant contribution in the submitted manuscript. So, corresponding author must ensure their contribution as much as possible.

Reviewer's Responsibility
Accept the Manuscript for Review if it Meets Your Expertise
You are requested to accept only that manuscript which meets your specialization. In case the manuscript does not fall in your area of specialization, you should just decline by sending an email immediately. If the manuscript meets your specialization, please accept the invitation by mail immediately to review.
Critical Behavior
During the review process you are requested to keep impartially, clarity and honesty in order to maintain the quality of the journal. The reviewer should approach the peer-review job objectively. Personal criticism of the author is not acceptable. You need to focus on maintaining the quality of the journal by making a critical review report because author will revise the paper according to the suggestions.
Keep the privacy and confidentiality of the manuscript given for review. You are not allowed to use the data or discuss it with your colleagues. 
Importance of Your Review Report
Your argument, comments on the paper and the suggestions will be most useful to the editor of the journal to make decision about the manuscript. You need to review the paper in detail and make suggestions, comments and arguments. At this point you are requested to do the review critically. It should not demotivate the author of the manuscript. 
Plagiarized Material or Falsified Data
The reviewer should immediately notify the editor if any plagiarized material, falsified data or similarities between the manuscript under review and another paper either published or under consideration by another journal are found.
For review you will be given a deadline. You will have to complete the review process in the given time. Deadlines may be different for different journals because it varies from journal to journal. If you cannot complete the review within time, inform the editor immediately for more time.
Submission of Review Report
After completing the review process you need to submit the review report without any delay so that the editor may take the decision about the paper.