Sumerianz Journal of Nutrition and Food Science



Volume 1 Issue 2 (2020)

A Study on the Quality Profiles of Pre-Digested Soymilk Stabilized With Irish Potato Starch for Ambient Storage

Authors : Okwunodulu Nwazulu Innocent ; Onwuzuruike Uzochukwu Anselm ; Ochiogu Obianuju Alexandra ; Uzocukwu Ugochi Comfort
Coagulation, sedimentation and separation are major problems of home-made un-stabilized soymilk amidst the drudges in preparing it. Irish potato starch (IPS) stabilization is to improve their ambient storage stability. Soymilk prepared from 12 hours steeped and 72 hours sprouted soybeans was stabilized with 0.5%, 1%, 2% and 3% levels of IPS. Proximate, vitamin, mineral, ant-nutrient, physicochemical and functional properties of the IPS flour were evaluated using standard analytical methods. Sensory properties were evaluated by consumer preference test. Results showed that with increase in IPS stabilization levels, ash (0.85 to 0.89%), protein (3.90 to 4.15%), fibre (0.33 to 0.44%), fat (3.82 to 4.04%), carbohydrate (3.03 to 5.65%), vitamins B1 (0.24 to 0.28 mg/100g), B2 (0.09 to 0.12 mg/100g), B3 (0.76 to 0.86 mg/100g), C (0.80 to 0.88 mg/100g), pro-vitamin A (3.62 to 4.14 µg/100g), calcium (24.88 to 26.67 mg/100g), phosphorous (30.79 to 31.67 mg/100g), magnesium (46.31 to 49.67 mg/100g), sodium (32.82 to 34.34 mg/100g) and iron (2.65 to 3.46 mg/100g) improved more than the control. Also improved were saponin (0.02 to 0.034 mg/100g), tannin (0.037 to 0.046 mg/100g), flavonoid (0.024 to 0.027 mg/100g), alkaloid (0.022 to 0.030 mg/100g), phenol (0.021 to 0.027 mg/100g), viscosity (4.25 to 5.39 cp), specific gravity (1.02 to 1.03), visible coagulation time (VCT) (14 to 27 d) and foam stability (0.99 to 2.00).  Moisture content (MC) (88.03 to 84.72%) and pH (5.52 to 5.45) decreased lower than control. The IPS stabilization of soymilk had no significant (p>0.05) effect on sensory properties compared to control.

Pages: 45-57

Apparent Viscosity Colour Attributes and Antioxidant Activity of Cake Batter Prepared with Cranberry (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) Powder by Maceration Method

Authors : Amir, Hosseinvand
The influence of cranberry powder prepared by maceration method on some physichochemical properties of cake batter has been investigated. For this study, 11 concentrations and 1 artificial antioxidant (TBHQ) replacer with wheat flour. The apparent viscosity of cake batter significantly (p≤ 0.05) increased by increasing level of Cranbbery powder concentration and this increasing was duplicated at 50% replacement. In addition, lightnessand and yellowness of cacke batter formulation with cranberry powder decreased with increasing level of concentration and lightness getting darker than testifier sample and also redness value increasing too. Moreover, antioxisant capacity of samples with cranberry powder was higher than control sample based on widely range of phytochemical compound in cranberry structure. Finally, this present work showed that the usage of artificial antioxidant TBHQ supplementation with crarnberry powder significantly increased the antioxidant strength of cake batter compared to non-TBHQ specimens. Finally, statisticts pointed that sample contains 100 ppm TBHQ and 50% cranberry replacement as the best treatment.

Pages: 41-44