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Volume 6 Issue 1 (2023)

Binge Drinking Among College Students: Trends, Consequences and Possible Solutions

Authors : Ngozi Caleb Kamalu
This research explores the rates and trends of students’ indulgence in excessive or high-risk drinking behaviors on college campuses in the United States. Some of its intents are to assess the prevalence of binge drinking among college students, its effects on the involved drinkers and nondrinkers, identify some of the risk factors associated with binge drinking, and then present mitigating strategies to reduce its incidents. The study found that those who are more predisposed to engage in binge drinking are those with low efficacy to refuse excessive alcohol drinking and those who have low importance of religion. Others include those with a family history of alcoholism, have membership in fraternity/ sorority and poor academic success, and have peers who use alcohol. Among the negative consequences and effects on those who engage in binge drinking identified include falling victim to alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape; drunk driving, high suicide rate, and indulgence in negative acts and behaviors such as rioting, bullying, and vandalism. This investigation concludes with its identification of mitigation strategies and measures necessary to prevent or reduce the high incidents of binge drinking among college students that include raising public awareness using media campaigns on related harms and preventive measures; institution and enforcement of strict campus alcohol policy; banning or restricting alcohol sales near college campuses, in dormitories and during college campus events; training beer and beverage servers on signs and symptoms of overdrinking to take precautionary actions such as denying, suspending or cutting off alcohol services once high-risk behaviors associated with overdrinking is dictated or observed. With the proper and meticulous implementation and enforcement of the above measures, the high incidents of binge drinking among college students in the United States will be drastically, greatly, and significantly reduced.

Pages: 11-19

Nonlinear Sociophysics, Quantum Sociology, and Multiply Connected Topological Economics

Authors : Yi-Fang Chang
First, nonlinear sociophysics and the nonlinear whole sociology are researched, which have chaos, fractal, etc. Second, quantum sociology is discussed. We propose that its bases are the extensive quantum theory and the social individual-wave duality. Third, we research the double solutions of some nonlinear equations with soliton and chaos, and the possible social meaning of chaos. On the one hand, chaos may correspond to the spread of ideas, the popularization of information, etc. On the other hand, it corresponds to the economic crisis and various social crises, etc. Fourth, chaos in corruption is discussed by mathematics. Fifth, we propose the multiply connected topological economics, in which the confidence relations and the influence functions represent various interacting strengths of different families, cliques, and systems of organization. This has a fractal structure. We propose the binary periods of the political economy by the complex function and the elliptic functions. Various applications of the mathematical and physical method are the important developing direction of modern social sciences.

Pages: 1-10