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Volume 3 Issue 4 (2020)

Effect of Water Regime on Plumule Emergence and Early Seedling Growth of Monodora Myristica

Authors : Chinwe Ijoma Sanni ; Joshua Kayode ; Benson Olufemi Ademiluyi
The study was carried out to investigate the effect of watering regime on the germination and early seedling development of Monodora myristica. 150 seeds of Monodora myristica were selected, divided into five groups and sown separately in top soil filled into plastic germination pots. They were subjected to five watering regimes, viz: watering once weekly with 100mls (T1), watering twice weekly with 100mls (T2), watering once weekly with 200ml (T3), watering twice weekly with 200ml (T4) and watered with 100ml only on the first day of planting (control, T5). Each treatment was replicated three times and data obtained for four months. Growth parameters assessed were percentage germination, coefficient of velocity, plant height, stem girth, leaf production per seedling and leaf area. The data obtained were subjected to percentages and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The means were separated by Least Significant Difference (LSD; p≤0.05). Results obtained showed that seeds that received 200mls water twice a week (T4) had the highest mean germination (70%), plant height, stem girth and leaf area. Leaf production was highest in seedlings watered 100mls twice weekly (T3). Seedlings watered with 100ml once weekly recorded the least performance in all growth parameters and there was no growth in the control.

Pages: 22-25