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Volume 2 Issue 5 (2019)

Effect of Toluene on the Organosomatic Indices and Electrolytes in the Liver and Muscle of Adult Clarias Gariepinus

Authors : Iniobong Reuben Inyang ; Sylvester Chibueze Izah ; Vivian Reginald Okoroba
The study investigated the effect of toluene on organosomatic indices and electrolytes in the liver and muscle of adult Clarias gariepinus. Eighteen adult Clarias gariepinus with mean weight and length of 97.00g and 14.02cm, respectively were acclimatized to laboratory conditions for 7days and then exposed to varying sublethal concentration (3.33, 6.66, 9.99 ppm) of toluene for 14 days. Then after, the organosomatic indices and electrolytes in liver and muscle were determined following standard processes. Results of the organosomatic indices (Cardiosomatic, Renatosomatic, Spleenosomatic and Hepathosomatic) showed no significant variations (p>0.05) across the various concentrations.  The concentration of sodium, potassium and chloride were in the range of 3.00 – 5.55 mmol/L, 12.27 – 17.66 mmol/L and 1.02 – 1.65 mmol/L, respectively (for liver), and 0.30 – 5.15 mmol/L, 12.88 – 24.41 mmol/L and 0.70 – 1.30 mmol/L, respectively (for muscle). Analysis of variance showed a significant variation (p<0.05) across the various concentrations, though not in a dose depended pattern. The fluctuations in the electrolytes is an indication of stress which therefore suggest that toluene is toxic to fish at certain concentration. Hence, there is the need for caution to be exercised when using substances containing toluene close to surface water resources.

Pages: 31-34