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Volume 5 Issue 2 (2022)

Determinants of Household Dietary Diversity of Peri-Urban Modern Small-Scale Irrigation Project Beneficiary Female-Headed Households in Kobo Town, Ethiopia

Authors : Goitom Sisay
Background: Dietary diversity as a complex and multi-dimensional issue is accredited to a range of interconnected factors. The general objective of this study was to identify determinants of Household Dietary Diversity of peri-urban modern small-scale irrigation project beneficiary female-headed households. Methodology: To achieve this objective, a cross-sectional survey method was used on 333 randomly selected households.  Descriptive, inferential, as well as econometrics techniques, were employed to analyse the data.  Accordingly, the binary Logit model was used to identify the determinants of Household Dietary diversity. Result: The model output publicized that household dietary diversity was significantly and positively determined by households’ active family labour force, aggregate per capita agricultural produces, bank saving account and access to remittance. On the contrary, the family size was significantly and inversely associated with household dietary diversity. To improve diversified dietary feeding practices, intervention in controlling family size, improving agricultural production and productivity, and diversifying households’ income ought to be strengthened.

Pages: 34-42