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Volume 2 Issue 5 (2019)

A Comparative Study of the Modern Standard Persian and the Colloquial Persian Spoken in the City of Shiraz a Pseudo-Diglossic Situation

Authors : Mohammad Jafar Jabbari
Some languages use two diffirent varieties through the speech community. Each of the varieties has a different range of social functions. The standard variety is used only on formal occasions, while a colloquial variety of the same language is used only under informal circumstances. This relationship is termed "diglossia". There is a diglossic situation held between the Modern Standard Persian, on the one hand, and a good number of local dialects of Persian, on the other. One main local dialect of Persian is the dialect spoken in Shiraz, a southern Iranian city and the center of Fars Province, to which Farsi (Persian) is pertaining. Shirazi dialect is one of the closest varieties to the Standard Persian. This has resulted in the fact that despite a great number of differences between the two varities, these two varieties are not thoroughly mutually unintelligible, owing to a number of reasons. In other words, they make a pseudo-diglossic situation.  This article aims to compare the two varieties at different linguistic levels of phonology, lexicon, morphology and syntax.

Pages: 25-30