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Volume 3 Issue 5 (2020)

The Position of Women in Brunei: Both in Private and Public Spheres

Authors :
Farhana Haque
Women are the true contributors for both at home and the society. In the private sector they have various types of roles such as daughter, wife and mother. First of all as a daughter women fulfill their duties for not asking money from their parents when they start to work and respect the elders at home. Additionally when they are financially independent they involve themselves in financial matters such as house expenses. As a wife, women’s duties are different, they are then loyal to care their husbands and children. “bear him children, look after the family, maintain her modesty as well as guard her sexuality and faithfulness”. Roziah and Azizah (2003). Most of the young families now share their income between family and themselves, such as electricity bills, water bills, telephone bills, kitchen expenses, car loan, etc.  Both the husband and wife work together to uplift their household and try hard to provide the necessary things to their children. In the public sphere, as an employee women are punctual, honest and loyal like other male members of the office.

Pages: 68-72

Introduction to Medical Theology and Medical Ethics (Issues in Biochemical Religious Behaviour)

Authors : Charles Ogundu Nnaji
This study highlights mental Hallucinations and Delusions as Psychiatric medical problems. This which brings medical theology and Medical Ethics into Biochemistry Religion. Thus; Biochemistry-Religion explains how brain chemicals deceive people that God is talking to them; These religio-psychic anomalies come in forms of mental Hallucinations and delusions resulting from malfunctioning of Neurotransmitter brain chemicals which produce human behaviour, and by implication dangerous religious behaviour (Atkinson, 1993); Thomas Hobbes (1651) in Leviathan, stated that madmen will not allow us to know who is a madman, and who is a prophet. The study consulted relevant literature, and concluded that God has not sent anyone to kill in his name.

Pages: 61-67