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Volume 2 Issue 8 (2019)

The Effect of Different Presentation Methods on EFL Learners' Acquisition of Word Knowledge

Authors : Tongqing Gu
Vocabulary is critical in second language acquisition, but there is no consensus as to how to present vocabulary in a way that facilitates learning in class. This research compared the effect of word-list presentation and contextual presentation on Chinese EFL learners’ acquisition of word knowledge. 69 participants were divided into two groups, each consisting of students with upper, intermediate and lower proficiency levels. Word-list presentation and contextual presentation were given to two groups respectively. Two post-tests (immediate and delayed) were administered after the experiment, and the data collected were analyzed via SPSS 16. The results showed that 1) compared with contextual presentation, word-list presentation has significant advantage in productive knowledge of orthography. And this advantage is evident at three proficiency levels. However, there is no significant difference in other types of word knowledge. 2) The advantage word-list presentation has on orthographic knowledge was not the same among different proficiency levels. The intermediate subgroup performed the best, followed by the lower proficiency group while the advantage of word-list presentation is not conspicuous in the upper level group.

Pages: 62-72

The Question of Communicative Language Ability in EFL Testing: The Case of Language Testing in Oman

Authors : Abdo Al-Mekhlafi ; Maya Al-Mamari ; Thuwayba Al-Barwani
This study investigates the question of communicative language ability of English tests in Oman. It assesses the presence of the features of communicative competence in English tests and assess the components of language ability included in the final tests taking grade 10 tests as a sample.It is a descriptive, content based analysis research, and the study encompasses data from all grade 10 English final tests since the introduction of Basic Education in 1998. Five tests given in the second semester, from 2011 to 2016, were chosen as the research sample. A framework and a checklist were developed for the analysis process. The framework was based on Bachman and Palmer’s model of language ability (2010) and grade 10 test specifications developed by the Ministry of Education. The research findings reveal: (i) A discrepancy between the test specifications of grade 10 English final tests and the actual content of the tests. (ii) That communicative language ability was not fully addressed in the grade 10 English final tests. The majority of the test components used suitable language in a limited context with limited instructions given for some components. There was also a lack of constructed responses.

Pages: 51-61