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Volume 2 Issue 10 (2019)

Cognitive Status of Contemporary College Students on Excellent Traditional Culture and Analysis of Educational Countermeasures

Authors : Li Fenghui ; Pan Yilin
Chinese excellent traditional culture is the spiritual blood of the Chinese nation, the gene of the nation and the important source of thought in the process of Chinese people to be in a position to maintain the rule of law and respect, and to respect the position of the time, to become a member of the people, to become a member of the public and to build a work and work. However the young generation represented by college students shoulders the mission of history and times, but the cognition of excellent traditional culture in our country is not optimistic. The reason is that the culture itself, students, families, schools, social environment and other aspects, how to preach well, inherit the excellent Chinese traditional culture, and play an important role has become an urgent need to solve the major problems.

Pages: 82-88