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Instructions for Authors

Sumerianz is dedicated to serve the worldwide academic communities. It aims to contribute by publishing the progress of knowledge and its application. Sumerianz offers an open access policy which enables you to have online access to all the original research papers permanently without any cost. In the best interest of educated community Sumeriaz provide an open access to all its published research papers by levying the minimal charges from the authors. 
Being authors you are invited to submit your original research work which has not already been published elsewhere. Plagiarized and fake research will not be published. Any unethical step will not be tolerated in this context. Once your research paper is accepted, it will be published approximately after one month of its acceptance. You may also be asked to provide raw material of your manuscript on demand by editors for the purpose of review. Therefore you are advised to keep your data safe for five years after the date of the publication. The contents and material of the submitted manuscripts should not be taken from copyrighted work by other person.
As authors you must cite all publications used to determine the nature of their submitted manuscript. As co-authors you must have significant contribution in the submitted manuscript. So, corresponding author must ensure their contribution as much as possible.

Here are some guidelines for authors about manuscript preparation and submission.

Submission of the Manuscript 

It is very simple to submit your research paper with us. 
a. Go to the desired journal?s webpage.
b. Click Submit Manuscripts button located on the left side of the page.
c. Fill online submission form, attach manuscript and then click Submit button at the end of the page.
Note: You are requested to submit the manuscript in MS Word format only.You may also submit your manuscripts by email as an attachment at,

Manuscript Format

Manuscript Language:Manuscripts written in English language are acceptable. Research papers written in any other language will not be published. 
Title: Paper must contain full title, author?s full name, email address, affiliation and contact number.
Abstract: The word limit for abstract is 350 words. The abstract of the manuscript should state the scope of the experiment, indicate significant data and point out major findings and conclusion. Abstract should also include background, experiment and conclusion.
Keywords: After abstract 4-6 key words must be added.
Introduction: An introduction should include a clear statement of the problem, the relevant literature on the subject and the proposed approach or solution. It should be in an  easy and understandable language. 
Materials and methods: There should be clearly explained Materials and methods to allow possible replication of the research. The true new research method should be described in detail; previously published methods should be cited and important modifications of published methods should be mentioned in detail.
Results: The results should be presented clearly and precisely. The results should be written in the past tense when describing findings. Previously published findings should be written in the present tense. 
Discussion: The Discussion should interpret the findings in the perspective of the results obtained in the present and in the past studies on this topic. 
Conclusion: State the conclusions in a few sentences at the end of the paper. The Results and discussion section may include subheadings, and if appropriate, both sections can be combined.
Abbreviation: Abbreviated words should be written in full by mentioning them in the parenthesis.
Illustration: Illustrations should be submitted sequentially with numbered figures. It should not be inserted in the manuscript but supplied after the main body of the text.
Tables: Tables should be added with number and short heading. 
Footnotes: These should be numbered consecutively in the text.
Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments should be included at the end of the paper and before the references.
Appendix: It should be added at the end of the manuscript.
Reference: All references should be listed at the end of the paper. All references should be completed as quoted in the following examples:

Example for Journal Reference:
Buckner, V. J. E., Castille, C. M.and Sheets, T. L. (2012). The Five Factor Model of personality and employees? excessive use of technology. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(5): 1947-53.Example for Book Reference:Iucu, R. and P?curari, O. (2001). Initial and continuous training. Humanitas: Bucharest.

Example for Conference Reference: 
Enache, R. and Herseni, I. (2010)."Reform and quality in Romanian teacher training".UNESCO Sub-regional Conference of the Countries from South East Europe Quality Education for All Through Improving Teacher Training, 22-24 aprilie 2010.Sofia. ISBN: 978-954-326-120-8. pp: 74-84.