Sumerianz Journal of Scientific Research

Online ISSN: 2617-6955
Print ISSN: 2617-765X


Volume 3 Issue 7 (2020)

Impact of Biotic Interferences on Shankaracharya Forest Ecosystem

Authors : Shaheena Hassan ; Shahid Ahmed Wani ; Basharat Mushtaq
The present study is an attempt to document the impact of biotic interferences in Shankaracharya forest ecosystem, Kashmir (India). The cumulative effect of the biotic interferences was significantly seen in the reduction of the vegetation cover. The present study revealed that the prominent factor for the exploitation of the vegetation cover of the study area at herbaceous level is simple human interference. The increasing disturbance not only disturbs the plant species diversity, richness and evenness significantly but various plant species are near to get eliminated from impacted area by different kinds of interferences like tourism pressure, trespassing, vehicular disturbances, military activities etc. High number of species were recorded at undisturbed site than disturbed site.

Pages: 82-90

Prospective Simulations of Brazilian Household Air Conditioning Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission

Authors : Arlindo Kamimura ; Márcio R. Ribeiro ; Ildo L. Sauer
Brazil presents a flourishing market for environmental cooling due to its geographic position, increasing global warming and the growing income of its population. In this work three different types of household appliance are considered to meet the cooling environmental needs in the 2014-2026 time horizons. The main concern of the work was to show the different scenarios supplying these needs from a non-linear methodological perspective, which may indicate some possible undesirable paths.

Pages: 74-81